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Loader HTS Hokka pagoda type marquee structure, provides a means for creating a roof structure that is extensible eye-catching. Combined with the ease and perfect build quality of assembly, pagoda-type marquee series provides the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

Pagoda type marquee structure is available in a variety of square sized units of clear span width 3.00m ~ 20.00m. Pagoda-type may be linked together by the use of make ideal solution either, or integrated eaves gutters for accepting area, whereby a plurality construction to enhance the visual impact of the event at any location formation is possible.

Loader HTS Hokka will manufacture five types of pagoda-type marquee structure, such as the following:

Nizza Pagoda uses a three-channel profile of the lightweight (63/63 / 2mm) to the main framework. This system is characterized by a “quick click formula bolt in position” for connection to the eaves purlin and uses traditional rigid strut. Nizza Pagoda also hook track device for the quick and easy installation of the roof cover is characterized.

London Pagoda structure is to use a more robust 3 channel profile of the (94/48 / 3mm) at large in the main framework, it comes with a wind load certification of 80km / h. London pagoda is 3.00m, 4.00m, available in a unit size of 5.00m and 6.00m, has an innovative and integrated “folding legs” system to facilitate easy installation with a minimum of manpower, It is an ideal choice for car rental companies around the world.

Large Pagoda size in the marquee range 8.00m, 10.00m, 12.00m, contains 15,00m and 20.00m, available in eaves height 2.40m and 3.00m. These sophisticated structure, and provides the perfect atmosphere for a charming, such as accepting the structure of the entrance and stand-alone, and many of the functions by combining a plurality of configuration. No wonder large pagoda is our patronizing from so many of our customers around the world.

All of the pagoda type is supplied as a frame, equipped with a standard white cover. This range is made of glass or solid wall material, door units, overhead canopy, integrated floor system, will be further enhanced by adding one or more of our pagoda accessory products, including internal lining.

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