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スポーツ ストラクチャー「構造」

Loader HTS Hokka’s Multi sports structure “structure” of, are designed for a variety of sports applications, to make field and court sports activities can be continued regardless of the year-round season, a variety of temporary and permanent modular architectural solutions have been covered.

Structure, standard span width 10m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 37m and 40m, the length is available unlimited. Ease of navigation, these standard structure size is classified as small, medium, to large multi-sport structure “structure”. Furthermore, in addition to the standard size range, our prefabricated multi-sports building, it can be prepared so as to correspond to the exact site-specific requirements of our customers. For example, in addition to the site-specific wind / snow load and special width and length to comply with the regional planning management requirements, such as variable eaves and ridge of height to meet most of the sports requirements that need a roofed space.

Multi-sport structure “structure” has been offered two different options to the roof cover, customers can choose from a high roof system of the energy efficiency of single layer roof system and thermo inflatable standard tension fabric. Both systems are manufactured from PVC material of excellent industrial grade robust and durable, and handed down the natural light through the roof membrane of semi-transparent architecture. Therefore minimizes the lighting cost of daytime, keeps to a minimum continuous lighting cost.

All of the multi-sport structure “structure”, in addition to the comprehensive range of non-insulated / full insulation wall cladding, pedestrian and vehicle access door, internal split screen, ensure optimum performance in combination with the available natural light lighting system that can be set to, heating, available accessories items, including ventilation and air conditioning (HV / AC).

Compared to the traditional method, the loader HTS Hokka’s modular multi-sport structure “structure”, and provides a number of advantages that should not be overlooked. These advantages, guarantee of a fixed total cost of the entire project, will include significant cost savings due to short-term production and rapid installation time. In addition, unlike the conventional type of building, our structure is completely dismantled possible, and therefore at a later date resale in a variety of applications, reconstruction, expansion or relocation, it is possible to re-use.

Multi-sport structure “structure” of more than 20 years of long life, and provides a long-term, yet a sound investment. If loader HTS Hokka’s innovative prefabricated multi-sport structure “structure” system, to save time, to minimize the expenditure.

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